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April 2, 2013
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Wow, this took me a long time!
Making this game helped me finish a season of Supernatural plus a marathon of all three LOTR movies, in order!

You can make humans, trolls, and cherubs.
One thing you'll need to draw in, however, is the symbol, because I wasn't in the mood at the end of this to draw in 50 symbols and then have people be upset because their symbol wasn't included.
I may periodically update this with ALL of the Strife Specibi for your characters to hold– it depends on my workload this month!

But anyway, enjoy!
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dancerwho2 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  New member Student Writer
(I'm making a human one too)
name: Leah Rhodes
age: 13
species: human
gender: female
guardian: sister
appearance: long, black hair, in a braid. pale skin, brown eyes.
clothes: she usually wears graphic tees and long jeans with sneakers
personality: denfensive, smart, low self esteem, tomboy
strife specibus: chairkind (she prefers not to explain)
typing style: proper grammar, but usual slang.
pesterchum: peppermintDreamer (PD)
typing color: yellow
sprite prototypings: soccer trophy and dead hamster
modus: bookshelf
god tier: rouge of rage
dancerwho2 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  New member Student Writer
name: Koruscata Topaz
age: 5 sweeps
species: troll
blood color: bronze
lusus: red panda
appearance: long-ish hair, usually put into a ponytail.
horns: medium sized, straight up
clothes: black t-shirt with symbol with white undershirt, bronze skirt and shoes.
personality: kind, but not afraid to fight in dire circumstances
strife specibus: bowkind
typing quirk: "S o r r y ,  a r e  t h e  s p a c e s  b o t h e r i n g  y o u ?"
Trollian handle: sparklyPancake
sprite prototypings: toy Squiddle and dead lusus
modus: treasure chest
god tier: page of time
dancerwho2 Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  New member Student Writer
Oh! And she types in brown.
MirenkaCinna Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
She would type in bronze. The trolls type in their blood color, unless you wish your blood color to remain anonymous like Karkitty :33
KarsonLovesAnime Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2014  New member
Well, this seems cool. I'll do one too.

Name: Karson Lewis 
Age: 14
Race: Human
Gender: Female
God Tier: Sylph of Hope
Lusus: She live's by herself
PesterChum: ShyNerd (SN)
Clothing: Wears a plaid shirt with skinny jeans and black tennis shoes
Hair: It's short in the back and is longer in the front (And is Blonde)
Eyes:Her eyes are change different colors (Like they change from blue to red if you get the idea)She also wears big glasses
Typing quirk: she types with low cap.'s but when shes mad she types IN BIG letters(or when she goes loco. Or maybe she's controled. Ah spoilers!)
Personality: She is really and I mean, really shy. She's kinda awkward. Hardly talks. Has strong hope.
Personality 2: Insane, cry's, angry, yells, kills some people. (This at one point happen's)
Moirail: (Suprisingly) Karkat
Mastesprite: Nobody she love's every body the same! (Maybe Karkat a little more than the rest)
Btw Gamzee really creeps her out. :o) (She had a big fear of clowns when she was a kid)
There is my Homestuck Oc

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Emmiwau Featured By Owner Edited Jul 14, 2014  New member
Guess I'll do one too.
Name: Demiti Azilid
Age:~6 sweeps
Blood colour:Cerulean
God Tier:Mage of Heart
Lusus:Hydra @_@
Horns:1 pointing straight up, other has top part jutting out a bit.
Quirk:T=7; t=+
TrollTag:controversialAtlas (CA)
Strife Specibus:Sharpstickkind
Modus: Dictionary
Planet:Estellius(I made it up)
All quadrants empty
pretzelpie Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Mk so
Name: Defini Fosahu (First name comes from a name that means "dolphin" and the Greek word "delfini", i think it is. And last name comes from the Greek word "omofos" meaning beautiful, and a name that means "water".)
Gender: Male
Sign: 3 blue lines with the left and right lines curling away from the middle and the last one higher than either. All are connected.
Species: Seadwelling troll
Age: 6.46 sweeps
Hemospectrum: Bright Cyan
God tier: Knight of Hope
Lusus: Type of dolphin. Not sure which one yet.
Clothing: Long sleeve black shirt with his sign on it. Wears bright blue pants and white shoes.
Hair: Short and simple.
Horns: Both horns going up and the tips pointing down
Typing quirk: Capitalizes every Y to emphasize a dolphin tail. 6 = G. When afraid or rushing, usually uses "o=<--" to show him show him swimming through the water quickly. 
Pesterchum/Trollian: namasteSeadolphin (NS)
Typing color: Cyan
Strife Specibus: anchorkind (If Kanaya can carry a chainsaw, guess what he can carry.)

No quadrants filled. 

Personality: Loud. Takes jokes, but when busy, can get frustrated and angry at jokes. He is nice and often slacks off from Karkat's orders. Usually fights with Equius (and loses) because he wants to talk to Nepeta. Also fights with Eridan sometimes because he wants to talk to Feferi. Laid back. He isn't all that laid back, because when anyone starts to get hurt, he gets all serious and bleh bleh bleh.

Powers: Mind control, freezing water in place (which cannot be thawed unless he lets it go)
leogarcia101 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  New member
Awesome and fun game Rainbow awesome lick Drawing Awesome Face Icon 
KyokoMeowsticks Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
maybe add the other gender?
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